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ESSENCE TO SKIN 1 Glow Limited Edition

ESSENCE TO SKIN 1 Glow Limited Edition

Limited Edition for the Lunar New Year to celebrate beauty and absolute pureness.
Essence to Skin 1 is the multipurpose beauty formula, you can be never again without it, for your skin care routine.
Essence to Skin 1 is the essence that helps skin’s appearance to be more radiant, hydrated and healthy.
It hydrates, nourishes, and re-balances the skin and its barrier, enhancing the actions of skincare products used to follow.
Rich in fermented prebiotic, postbiotic and para-postbiotic extracts, it increases the skin’s hydration level, strengthens skin barrier, with revitalizing and restoring action for the skin’s microbiota and microcirculation.
Helps to minimize the appearance of comedones and under skin pimples, oftenly typical of acne skin.
Recommended for daily treatment of all skin types, Essence to Skin 1 is ideal for sensitive skin with a tendency to redness and to reverse accumulated skin damages, caused by pollution, UV rays, stress, lifestyle.
Its soothing action is perfect for providing relief in cases of rosacea, eczema, dermatitis and bruising even caused by surgery or trauma.
Essence to Skin 1 is to be used after cleansing and toning the face and neck and before serum application.