fascia yogalift


The ultimate beauty tool to lift face contours for for a slimmer,smoother, and firmer looking facial lines.
Unique hypoallergenic silicone tool to effectly tighten up the chin, improve facial wrinkles in just 20 days using.

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Yogalift band can be cleased with WOB Sanitizer .
Easy to use: cleanse with Hydra Cleansing Milk and Lotion, or if demanding skin cleanse with Couper Cleansing Milk and Lotion, apply to neck and face contours a drop of Shantala Oil, and apply all over face and neck Reviva Beauty Overnight mask till completely absorbed and wear Yogalift band for 30 minutes a day, preferrably evening time. Just adjust the pressure in order to create skin and muscles’ lift and gentle compression.

Laura Un Medico che Ama il Bio photo thanks.


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