Antioxidant concentrate that fights damages produced on the skin by free radicals and oxidative stress and pollution. The genes involved in improving the skin are SOD2 (dismutase) and GSTM1 (Glutathione S-transferase). Formula rich in antioxidants from Blueberry fresh extract, which are essential to optimizing health by helping to combat the free radicals that can damage cellular structures as well as DNA. The main characteristic of a pure antioxidant is its ability to trap free radicals. Highly reactive free radicals and oxygen species are present in biological systems from a wide variety of sources. These free radicals may oxidize nucleic acids, proteins, lipids or DNA and can initiate degenerative disease. Antioxidant compounds like phenolic acids, polyphenols and flavonoids scavenge free radicals such as peroxide, hydrogen peroxide or lipid peroxyl and thus inhibit the oxidative mechanisms that lead to degenerative disease.


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How to Use:

All skin types: add 1ml of ANTIOXY to 50ml of HYDRA DAY CREAM, use day and night for 80 days. In the morning, complete with the application of SPF 50+ or SPF30 in spring and summer.

Uneven skintone: AM and PM apply few drops to cleaned skin and follow with Jeunesse Recovery Cream or Aroma Oxygene Cream.

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Weight 10 ml


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Improves all signs of time and skin fatigue

A unique formula that infuses skin with all vital plants’ based skinfoods for a glower and healthier skin appearance. For all skin types, especially for uneven skin tone, uneven skin texture, dullness and loss of radiance. This exhilarant night and day serum actively fights against skin’s MMP, which are involved in the cellular matrix degradation and delivers to skin a powerful source of revitalization, brightening the look of dark circles. The Skin instantly looks fresher and brighter.
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