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Terms & Conditions

Conditions of use

Access to the pages of the website www.wbcosmetics.com implies acceptance of the following Terms of Use by the user.


The Site is owned by WORLD OF BEAUTY D.O.O. The Website has informative and e-commerce purposes for authorized operators. By accessing or using the services on the Site, the user accepts these Terms of Use. In case of non-acceptance, you must refrain from using the Site.


WORLD OF BEAUTY invites users of the Site to periodically consult these Terms & Conditions of Use and other sections of the Website such as the Information on the processing of personal data (Privacy Policy), the information on the use of cookies (Cookie Policy) and the Conditions of Sale, also for the purpose of checking for any updates or changes.

Industrial and intellectual property.

WORLD OF BEAUTY is the exclusive owner of the contents of the Site, including but not limited to texts, documents, images, logos, photographs, page layout, design, know-how and products offered for sale only to authorized operators; some of the aforementioned contents may be covered by copyright, trademarks, patents, models and/or other industrial and intellectual property rights recognized by international law. No content on the Site can be considered or interpreted as being licensed by WORLD OF BEAUTY or as the subject of any other right of use by users and/or third parties.

Use of the Site.

The e-commerce services offered by the Site are governed by the SALES CONDITIONS (sale condition).

Users are authorized to download, view or print content on the Site for purely personal and non-commercial purposes, in a manner that does not cause any harm to the industrial and intellectual property rights of WORLD OF BEAUTY. The contents of the Site may in no case be used for different purposes, including, without limitation, their distribution, modification, reproduction, transmission or dissemination, without the prior written consent of WORLD OF BEAUTY. The request for use must be sent to info@wbcosmetics.com and previously authorized.

Documents and materials sent to the Site.

Any information relating to personal data sent to the Site electronically by users will be treated in full compliance with applicable laws and with the Information on the processing of personal data provided by WORLD OF BEAUTY (see privacy policy).

WORLD OF BEAUTY will appreciate receiving comments, suggestions and indications from users of the Site. However WORLD OF BEAUTY will not accept to receive any material sent through the Site except for the contents whose sending is expressly requested. WORLD OF BEAUTY reserves the right to use freely and at its discretion, in any form and manner and therefore also for promotional and commercial purposes, any material received through the Site, even if not requested, without however assuming any obligation in this regard in the against the user who sent such materials.

With reference to any commercial initiatives and/or promotional activities, users are invited to refer to the relevant regulation and to other information provided by WORLD OF BEAUTY through the Website.

Users are however prohibited from uploading, distributing or otherwise disseminating illegal, obscene, defamatory and/or illegal material and/or illegitimate data and or any material or content that may constitute a crime through the Site, or induce you to commit a crime, and/or violate any law or right of WORLD OF BEAUTY and/or third parties, as well as any material that could in any way harm the image and the good name of WORLD OF BEAUTY.


As stated in the Conditions of Sale, the products are sold as seen on the Site, in the state they are in, as they are made available and without any guarantee, tacit or expressed. WORLD OF BEAUTY does not provide any tacit or expressed guarantee about the fact that the Site or its contents comply with users’ expectations in terms of continuity of the offer or service. It is understood that some products may be presented by or in combination with images or graphic reproductions whose purpose is merely illustrative.

Exclusion of liability.

Users access the Website autonomously and at their sole risk, it being understood that WORLD OF BEAUTY disclaims any responsibility with respect to any damage or injury suffered in any way by users as a result of accessing and using or downloading any material in any capacity. present on the Site, including viruses, malware or other content on the Site.
WORLD OF BEAUTY reserves the right to interrupt or suspend any service rendered through the Site, at any time and without assuming any responsibility or commitment of any kind in relation to the aforementioned suspension or interruption of services rendered through the Site resulting from actions or omissions of WORLD OF BEAUTY or third parties.

WORLD OF BEAUTY is not responsible for the contents of any other website that should be made accessible via a link or a multimedia link on the Site, it being understood that such links are provided only for the purpose of allowing users to access more complete information. Users are not authorized to create links and links to the Site without the prior written consent of WORLD OF BEAUTY requested by email to the customer care service info@wbcosmetics.com.

Applicable law.

The Site, as currently configured in terms of layout and content, is designed to be used by users located in Slovenia (the “Territory”) and WORLD OF BEAUTY does not provide any guarantee that its contents are in compliance with the legal requirements applicable outside the aforementioned Territory. Any dispute relating to the Site, its use and its contents will be governed by Slovenian law.


For any information regarding the use of the Site and these Terms of Use, you can contact Customer Service WORLD OF BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL

  • +39 (0)543 769 662
  • Via Biondina 99, 47011 CASTROCARO TERME FC – ITALY
  • Email: info@wbcosmetics.com