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Essence to Skin Probiotics

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Discover the super potent probiotic Essences to hydrate, sooth, rebalance and brighten your skin. 

Our Prebiotic formula with 99.7% of first quality active natural ingredients.

Ideal for sensitive skin’s. Helps to minimize look of stretch marks. Hydrates, Brightens, improves skin resilience, Evens, Refreshes, Oxygenates. Counteracts the formation of wrinkles. Calms redness. With pure probiotic ingredients. 

Essence to Skin 1

Essence to Skin 1

Essence to Skin 1 Repair is the multifunctional beauty formula never again without for your daily skincare routine. It is a treatment lotion that helps skin’s appearance to be more radiant, hydrated and healthy.

Essence to Skin 2

Essence to Skin 2

Fermented extract treatment lotion with extraordinary benefits for all skin’s types. Essence to Skin 2 Glow helps to fortify the skin and repair skin damage caused by the compromised skin microbiome, giving the skin a soft and firm appearance.

Essence to Skin 3

Essence to Skin 3

Extraordinary Firming Facial Skin Treatment Essence with Alt-Retinol, fermented extracs and pure Collodail gold infused with effective peptides. Essence to Skin 3 Prolift is the all-year-round beauty solution for skin prone to premature ageing, asphyxia, thickening, keratosis and in the case of scarring caused by acne.

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    Winner of Cosmoprof North America Award 2023

    Category Green & Organic   

    Essence to Skin

    Prebiotic, post-biotic, para post-biotic

    Discover our Prebiotic, post-biotic and para post biotic active concentrates for your skin, these unique formulas are for all over treatment,  with  pure fermented extracts, ideal for all skin types, face and body. Help Skin brightening, soothing, refreshing and better visible resilience. Just after few uses the skin appearance will be smoother and fortified. Its light texture absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. It gives a feeling of freshness and comfort, even to most sensitive skin. After the first applications, the skin looks brighter and smoother.

    Skin biome and microbiome skincare formula. Light-weight texture with smoothing and brightening action. Recommended for skin with pigmentation problems such as melasma, cloasma, age spots, with signs of ageing, dull pores, wrinkles and atony.

    7 actions in 1 product: moisturizing, anti-ageing, skin pores minimizing, improve skin barrier resilience, smoothing, antioxidant, minimizes acne scars. Non-comedogenic non photosensitizing

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